you ever heard of negative energy?  Negative energy happens when you are annoying to somebody.

Have you ever heard of Negative Energy?  Would you like to get rid of it from your life?  I didn’t know I was exuding negative energy until somebody told me.  This is usually the case.  So I set about finding out all I could about negativity.

Did you know, for example, that helping people by giving them advice can be annoying?  And definitely being smart and right all the time is annoying?  And being too laid back?

But the good news is discovering the opposite of negativity: Being a Fun Person to Be Around.

So I made a video explaining all this.

Oh, oh… I can hear it now:  “Another busybody trying to tell us how to live our lives!”  No way!  Let me explain.

Most colleges and universities offer a course entitled “Interpersonal Relationships”.

This workshop I am presenting, with a team of couples and young people, is a condensed version of a course like that but from a unique point of view. Plus it has some insights that you won’t find anyplace else.  And it’s fun.  (And hey, $10 vs. $200!)
So, no, I’m not going to be so stupid as to tell you what to do.  Read on.

Hi.  I’m Joe McKenna.  During  50 years of dealing with families (three generational families) I have watched families miss out on having a better life because of a few bad habits.

But it’s the opposite of negativity that’s important:  being UPLIFTING  around people. 

This special quality which, if you have it, people feel UPLIFTED  around you is the opposite of negativity. It attracts people to you.  You are fun to be around.

And we will be discussing some important skills in relationships, like how we can confront people who annoy us without everybody having a meltdown. (Very important.)

Now I desperately want to share these…and many other insights…with as many people as possible. So I have recorded onto a DVD a workshop that I entitle “How to be a Fun Person to be Around”…

…around friends,
with sweethearts,
with spouses,
in families,
on committees,
in clubs,
in the workplace,
in all social situations.

 I want to spread its good news as wide as possible so I am offering the DVD below cost.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Makes an excellent gift for weddings, anniversaries, graduations.  Great for engaged couples and new parents.

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