The DVD opens with the Bird of Paradise:

100_9491The male Bird of Paradise presents himself to the world with an  unusually colorful flare. He does this so he will be accepted by the female. We do this too. We wrap ourselves in our favorite talents like smartness, humor, so we will make a good  impression in the world.  But what if sometimes our talents turn out to be annoying?  This can affect our relationships in a negative way.

ThiGIRL (536x800)s little toddler is crying because her plan for the day was dismissed.  She was contradicted.  It hurts when you’re contradicted.  When you get to be 20 or 30 you might not cry but it still hurts.  Something we need to keep in mind when dealing with our loved ones.

So in the first half of the dvd we will answer the question “What is negative energy anyway?”  Then with the help of Opal Pickles as she answers Earl’s question, “What’s wrong with me?” we tackle the art of confrontation, hopefully actually being able to laugh at what previously had been issues of contention.

Then we will have a coffee break and the second part begins. 

I love the second part, the opposite of negativity.  I’m not going to tell you here what it is… that would spoil your experience.  I can tell you one thing: it is not being positive all the time… that can be just as annoying as being negative.

As we end up, I will read you a “magnetic” poem about relationships written by the Irish poet: John O’Donahue. Then our musician will sing it.

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