The DVD opens with the Bird of Paradise:

100_9491The male Bird of Paradise presents himself to the world with an  unusually colorful flare. He does this so he will be accepted by the female. We do this too. We wrap ourselves in our favorite talents like smartness, humor, so we will make an impression in the world.  But what if sometimes our talents turn out to be annoying?  This can affect our relationships in an important way.

Then we talk about our Inner Life:

HEAD finWhat’s in this head? Why is it wrapped in gold?  What’s in your head? Hint: It is said that each of us thinks 60,000 thoughts a day: opinions, plans, memories. How these thoughts are shared and appreciated (or not) constitutes a big part of relationships.

And we discuss how our inner life is treated:

ThiGIRL (536x800)s little toddler is crying because her plan for the day was dismissed. She is hurting. When she gets to be 13 years old and her decisions get contradicted do you think it will still hurt?  How about at 21… or 40 or 50?  How about for him?  This “hurting when contradicted” has a great deal to do with relationships.

As you watch the dvd you will be invited to discover in what ways you are like the Bird of Paradise… flashing your talents… maybe sometimes too much.  You will guess what is wrapped up in gold inside a glass head. We will use a hammer and a teddy bear to demonstrate negative responses.  We will answer the question: “What is negative energy anyway?” Then after a coffee break we turn everything around to discover just what is the opposite of being negative  (Hint:  Being positive is NOT the answer; sometimes being positive can be just as annoying as being negative.) Then with the help of Opal Pickles as she answers Earl’s question, “”What’s wrong with me?” we tackle the art of confrontation, hopefully actually being able to laugh at what previously had been issues of contention.

As we end up, I will read you a “magnetic” poem about relationships by the Irish poet: John O’Donahue. Then our musician will sing it.

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