Scene 1: “Getting Started”

Joe: “Hi. So you want to become more fun to be around… and get rid of negativity? You’ve come to the right place. “

Let me introduce our discussion panel: Krista, Patti, Steve, David and Ricky… and me, Joe. We are going on an exciting journey and these will be coming along.”

Steve: “Oh yes, and then there’s Gainsborough. He is our token negative dude. No matter what you post on Facebook he’s sure to find someting wrong with it. He “gainsays” it, hence his name.”

Gainsborough: “I don’t know what the fuss is all about. You want to be a fun person? Get a ton of jokes. Problem solved.”

Patti: “Well not quite. You better stick around and come with us to the end.”

Joe: “You see, back in the day I met a young youth director. The boys were all in love with her so they showed up and the girls showed up because the boys were there. Anyway the first day she met me she said, “You’re the most negative person I have ever met.”

“I really didn’t know what negative meant. It wasn’t a common concept back then. So I set about finding out what negativity is. I based my research on real life people. As a result, I became an authority on negativity. There’s a lot more to negativity than just complaining and criticizing. And yes, there’s such a thing as negative energy. As it turned out I realized the young lady was right: I myself was the perfect example of a negative person.”

Me back in the day.

So as you view this workshop and discover any negative habits in your life, don’t be embarrassed… you can have me to sympathize with you.”

Why am I starting off talking about negativity? Because if you’re going to be a fun person to be around you first of all have to put negativity in its place. “

One more thing. In a Dear Abby letter a grandmother complains that her children and grandchildren never come to visit her. She says to her children and grandchildren: “When I die I’m sure you’ll take the time to order flowers for my funeral. You may even take the day off to attend. So why can’t you find the time, while I’m still here to visit or call?” And Abby answers: “I’m printing your letter because there is the question of whether you are an enjoyable person to be around.” Interesting question: “Are you a fun person to be around?” And when I saw that I knew I had to do this website.”

Dave: “We’ll start off by examining people’s heads.”

Gainsborough: “WHAT?!”

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