Scene 12: “The Nurturing Person”

Joe: “Whew… glad that’s over! Let’s go back and talk about nurturing again. I LOVE nurturing.”

Patti: “So what are the characteristics of nurturing people?

Steve: “As soon as nurturing people meet up with someone they think of the treasure that is in this person’s head. If you have just come home from a trip or have shot a deer, nurturing people PUT THEMSELVES ASIDE and encourage you to talk about it and show your pictures.

Here is what nurturing conversations sound like:

“No kidding” “Really?” “Show me the pictures.” “Seriously?” “That’s awesome!” “Fantastic!” “Incredible!” “WOW! That must have been terrific!” “I agree with you 100%” “Exactly” “Good idea” “That’s just what I was thinking.” “Then what happened? “What did you do after that?” “So now what are you going to do?” “So what did your wife say?”

This is called “exclaiming… with enthusiasm”

Dave: “Why are we exhibiting enthusiasm like this? Because the other person has just shown us the precious thoughts in his head and whenever we’re shown something precious it’s normal to exclaim over it… to show enthusiasm over it.”

Krista: “So it’s not enough just to listen… TO KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT while the other person is talking. That would mean you were just waiting for your turn to talk. This is a common misconception. What’s missing is RESPONDING. It’s how you then respond that is nurturing..

“Here are some of the characteristics of nurturing people:

“They respect what you say.”

“They agree a lot.”

“They’re in touch with your needs”.

“They lift you up; they make you feel talented and important.”

“They say “yes” a lot.”

“They’re fun and they like to play.”

“They’re affectionate.”

“They’re virtuous”

“They’re NOT insufferable.”

“As much as possible they let people be.”

Krista: “It is pretty well established that interaction with pets can bring your stress level down whereas interaction with people can bring your stress level up. “

Joe: “My dear godmother entertained company one evening and that night she had a stroke and died,”

Patti: “So it’s always nice when conversations can be relaxing and easygoing. So no need for teachings and corrections. It’s not our job to scold people and straighten everybody out. Just let everybody be. The sound of that sentence brings a feeling of refreshment:

“An easy-going heart is a fountain of gladness making everything in its vicinity freshen into smiles.” Washington Irving.”

“Can I get to be a nurturing person?” Patti: “You already are nurturing in many ways. No one practices all six kinds of negativity. All you have to do is finish the job.”

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