Scene 4: “Introducing Negativity”

Patti: “Not everyone is as nurturing as Peggy. Here’s how some people might respond. Gainsborough, why don’t you do this one.”

Billie: “Once when I was in Texas I had the most wonderful steak in the world.”

Gainsborough: “The best steaks are in Hoboken New Jersey.”

Billie: “I leased a new Toyota Corolla.”

Gainsborough: “I wouldn’t buy a Japanese car if you paid me.”

Billie: “I just came back from a trip to Paris.”

Gainsborough: “The French don’t like us.”

Billie: “Let’s go to the MicMac restaurant for dinner.”

Gainsborough: “The food there is terrible.”

Billie: “I just leased a new apartment.”

Gainsborough: “We leased a new apartment. At the West End. We decided to get away from Munjoy Hill… etc., etc., etc.”

Billie: “We went to a new restaurant yesterday.”

Gainsborough: “I gotta call my wife”

Krista: “What’s going on here? Gainsborough either ATTACKS your thoughts…

…or, as in the last two examples, IGNORES them.”

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“Yes, when our precious thoughts are contradicted or ignored they are being crushed… SMASH… BAM… and it HURTS!

Joe: “I hate negativity but we have to get it out in the open and take a look at it so we can get rid of it.”

“I heard a guy in the grocery store today assaulting the guy stocking the shelves for not putting Moxie up. The worker said this guy hunts him down every week to complain about something.”I’m re-posting this because it shows that there are people you can describe as “complainers”.

Jow: “Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain – and most fools do.  – Dale Carnegie” We’re all familiar with the person who always has something negative to say about every topic: the government, the church, the neighbors, the latest innovation. This is what I used to do. You could depend on me to have a snide remark. I thought it was cute in spite of being told several times to stop it.”

Joe:But there are other ways of being negative.”

“Let’s investigate them.”

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